The Spanish Society of Neurology’s museum and historical archive (MAH SEN) welcomes donations of historically significant medical material.
We are looking for manuscripts (for example, correspondence, speeches and lectures, diaries, research materials), still images (for example, photographs, engravings, posters, postcards, and similar), moving image material, audio material, digital files, oral histories and similar materials in the area of Neurosciences.
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Authors must provide a Conflicts of Interest Statement and fill out the standard form. This form may be sent by e-mail to PDF PENDIENTE (Download pdf and save in your pc if don't see it correctly)

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Applicable law requires authors to obtain informed consent to present patient case reports, personal information, and/or images. Any studies of patients and/or volunteers will require approval by an Ethics Committee in addition to signed informed consent forms from all participants. This information must be provided in your manuscript. If the above applies to your manuscript, please confirm that formal informed consent has been given in writing, as required by applicable law, by any patients, participants, or other individuals whose information appears in the manuscript. In this case, please confirm that you have received written authorisation from the responsible Clinical Research Ethics Committee, if applicable.

Declaration of human and animal rights
When authors carry out experiments on human subjects, they must indicate whether the procedures that are being followed comply with the ethical principles laid down by the institutional and national committees responsible for human experimentation, and by the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, revised in 2008. If it is in any way unclear whether the research was carried out according to the Helsinki Declaration, the authors must provide an explanation of their methodology and proof that the Ethics Committee at their institution approved any questionable aspects of the study. If authors have performed experiments on animals, they must indicate whether they have complied with national and institutional regulations for the care and use of laboratory animals.


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