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Any queries as to whether a particular use is permitted; petitions for authorisation to create works derived from the images, photographs, or other materials published on this web page; and any requests for images with a higher resolution than those freely displayed shall be sent to the Sociedad Española de Neurología at archivo@sen.org.es
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The Sociedad Española de Neurología agrees to abide by its obligation to protect and manage personal data in strict confidentiality, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December for the Protection of Personal Data and all other applicable legislation.
All persons who have voluntarily used the Internet to provide their personal information may exercise their right to correct and cancel that information by writing to the Sociedad Española de Neurología, Vía Laietana 23, entreplanta A-D, 08003 Barcelona, Spain, or by sending an e-mail to socios@sen.org.es

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